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Tirthan Valley

Tirthan valley is one of the best-kept secrets of Himachal Pradesh. Valley derives its name from the Tirthan River which originates inside The Great Himalayan National park. This extremely scenic, beautiful and rustic valley is one of the less explored destinations in the Himalayas.

Join us for this backpacking trip to Tirthan, Himachal
Pradesh and explore the valley like never before. We will stay at some of the most serene places in the valley and go for several short hikes and see / experience places like Chehni Kothi, Serolser Lake, and Raghupur fort.

Be ready to feel like an adventurous child again as we spend a lot of fun-time exploring nature and play in the shallow waters of beautiful water streams nearby. We will also visit some of the hidden waterfalls in this region and few unique rock formations along the river.

Here is our detailed guide to explore Tirthan Valley!!

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