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The Orange Sky

The Orange Sky offers adventure-focused backpacking trips and offbeat travel experiences around the world. It is founded by 4 like-minded friends who have a passion for travel and love exploring new & offbeat places. 

Our travel experiences are designed for travelers who want to have a flavour of adventure, nature & outdoor, offbeat & unique local experience and want to travel responsibly minimizing their impact on the environment. 

Last 2/3 years we have been traveling to some of the amazing places across India and abroad and want to facilitate similar journeys for fellow travelers.

We understand that traveling is all about the experience and it is in the details – the places you stay, the route that gets you there, and the people you meet along the way. And that is what we want to offer you on our backpacking trips and other experiences. 

Join us on this beautiful journey of exploring the world!! 

Our Team


Sven Ole-Hecker

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Sven is an experienced solo traveler with a passion for breathtaking actions. He loves free climbing and hiking in nature.


Less crowded and offbeat places are where he enjoys it more.

He found his affinity for traveling as his parents went on long hikes with him as he was a child. His mantra is: It’s better to burn out than to fade away!!

Amazing things he has done:

  • Solo travel around the world

  • Free climbed the Table Mountains in South Africa 

  • +1500km Hitchhiking between the national parks in South Thailand 

  • +700km hike through Madagascar 

  • Road trip through south east and west USA

  • Plenty of sailing trips at the Baltic, North and Mediterranean Sea


Soumya Biswas

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An ardent nature lover at heart, Soumya is always planning his next trip. His die-hard love for mountains has taken him around Himalayas - be it a planned holiday or an impromptu getaway.


Soumya is a designer by profession and biker by passion. He has worked for Apple, Realme and has been associated with several renowned advertising agencies. When he is not working, he is either painting his canvas or riding his bike to a destination yet to be explored.

Amazing things he has done :


  • Solo bike trip covering all of Spiti Valley

  • Solo backpacking across remote villages of Uttarakhand

  • Explored Tirthan valley extensively

  • Solo trip to explored remote villages of Uttarakhand

  • Planning to exhibit his collection of water paintings

  • Working on a startup project connecting local artistes and promoting their handicrafts

Prashant Gawai

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Prashant loves to travel and he is an explorer at heart. He is a passionate mountaineer and a climber who loves rock climbing and ice climbing. 

An IIT Bombay and IIM Bangalore alumnus Prashant quit his corporate career 3 years back to follow his passion. 

A certified mountaineer, Prashant has done several backpacking trips in India & Abroad and has traveled extensively across the Himalayas.

Amazing things he has done:

  • Summitted Stok Kangri (6100m+) peak in Ladakh regions

  • Solo Bike trip in Ladakh (1000km+ in 7 days)

  • 6000Km+ road trip in the USA

  • Solo backpacking trip in Russia

  • Sky diving in USA

  • Climbed frozen waterfalls in the Himalayas

  • Rock climbing in Sahyadri

  • Several treks in the Himalayas, Sahyadri, and Aravalis

..and for him this amazing journey continues!!


Vinita Vyas

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One word that defines Vinita is Passion. She is passionate about travel, outdoor adventures, writing, poetry, theatre, filmmaking and lot more.

Her mantra is - Simply Experience & Improvise. That's why she is always looking to explore new places and new experiences.

Being a theatre artist she has acted, directed, and produced several plays. She also coaches leaders from the corporate world on leadership, presence and personal branding using the creative arts.

Amazing things she has done:

  • Extensively traveled Asian and African continents

  • Several backpacking and solo trips across India

  • Multiple high-altitude treks in the Himalayas  

  • 60Km+ trek on frozen Zanskar river (Chadar Trek)

  • Explored many trekking and hiking routes in Sahyadri

  • As a Filmmaker; Received prestigious "Dadasaheb Phalke Janmmabhumi Puraskar" for one of her feature films. 

  • Performed 1000+ theatrical shows within India and abroad

  • Published 2 bestselling book

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