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Mudflat Hike!!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Do you know what is “Mudflat?” And what is it like to go on “a hike in a mudflat?” 😍😍

Here is the story of our experience of Mudflat hike from last year.

“Mudflat is a stretch of muddy land left uncovered when it is low tide.”

And... Hiking through mudflat is a fascinating experience of seeing nature and her enduring force and it's grandeur by drenching into the mud ecology.

Excited 😎

Oh yes!! As you have imagined, once the high tide is in, the mudflats are again covered with seawater and no longer accessible for hiking. Whoa!! Adrenaline rushing hmmm... 😃

....Now, this thrill of getting our trail all covered by waves while we are at it, is just one of the elements that make this hike more appealing and excitingly one of its kind

Of course, it is a risk well-calculated with all the possible precautions after studying the tide charts closely and our hike-leader had local people from the community to guide us during the entire hike.

Ready to dive deeper into this unique experience?😎

We started our journey from Ahmedabad early in the morning and reached the Gulf of Cambay around 8/8:30 in the morning. Upon reaching our hiking site we had a quick fun-exercise as a warm-up, followed by a quick orientation on how ideally we should walk through the mud as deep as our waist. We seemed ready!!! 😃

It is a unique experience first time stepping on the mudflat and walking in the mud almost waist-deep. Since it was a hot day we decide to wear naturally available 'mud mask' on our face to get protection from the sun. sounds fun huh! 😁

Although we heard the technique very carefully, implementing seemed a different story altogether. At times we ended up getting stuck (yes, stuck!) in the mud and needed assistance from others to come out of it and continue the fun.

We sure made some amazing friends for life on the way! 

Overall it was a unique experience and in a short duration of only 2 hours, we were counting breaths in exhaustion. The more we felt exhausted, the more excitement gushed in. Our entire group was supercharged with energy and smiles and laughter. What a fun day!!! 😃

During this journey, we could also closely watch the ecology of mudflats and saw many mudskippers, crabs, and birds feasting on them.

And the excitement builds up more, when after reaching the endpoint of our hike, we ended up playing mud fight in the nearby mangroves (of course without disturbing the delicate ecology.)

By now, the tummy started jumping more than the mudskippers that were jumping all around. 😂 And, another not-so-regular experience awaits us. We headed for a community lunch in a nearby village after walking back to the mudflat trail. We got to see the life in that village closely and we interacted with several people from the community.

Now, our tired muscles craved for some rest and there we are.. at an ancient temple in the shadows of the trees blessed our group with a serene open breezy space to relax and mingle up with our newly made friends on the hike.

In the evening we went on a boating trip. One of our fellow hikers had his guitar and he made the sunset and the boat ride much more memorable with his melodies. His strings creating some fine music, fishes dancing to the sound of water... the pink flamingos... beautiful sunset... & The Orange Sky!

And the city of Ahmedabad sheltered us again later that evening!

You know You want to experience this and beyond. Isn’t it... Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming Event!! The Mudflat Hike!!





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