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Climbing adventure in South Africa..!!

I have always been an explorer at heart, and this travel experience made me realize the truth behind one of the interesting quotes I recently read – “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Oh yes, my lens with which I viewed travel changed for better.

The last few days have been quite eventful for me. My girlfriend went back home to Germany, my car broke down in the middle of nowhere at one night and I kind of started my journey around the world, all by myself. Yes, an unplanned solo world tour. Isn’t that super exciting already!

The last few weeks were stunning. We saw wildlife like cheetahs, elephants, ostriches, rhinos and many penguins. It was spectacular to get so close to these amazing animals, to see them in their natural habitats, and feel their presence so close we could literally touch them.

Ahem, but that’s not what today’s story should be about.

As I said, I’ve been in South Africa for 3 weeks now and I so wanted to indulge my senses in some sports activities. I wanted to challenge myself and get exhausted by pushing my mental and physical limits. And, the best way to do this and enjoy the breathtaking nature simultaneously, you simply go for a hike.

But I wouldn’t be Sven if it would be a normal, standard hike, hmm…

So, done things! I am on my way to the crazy town, who’s in?

Oh yes, we leave right away….

The last time my girlfriend and I hiked the Table Mountain and saw this exciting signboard – enough to trigger the adrenaline rush for both of us. They say finding a friend with the same mental disorder. Priceless, huh!!

Unfortunately, she had to rush back home for something unforeseen, and here I was, all set to spread my wings to the summit of this crazy hillock.

I wanted to live the wish and therefore, I had a plan. Simply, take this path.

I didn’t expect it to turn out such an outrageous FreeClimb. But I’m happy I am not surprised afterward.

Extremely Dangerous Route

Well equipped with 1.5Ltr water, an apple, and one granola bar I excitingly started. Well, better would be: I tried starting because the first hurdle I was faced with was finding the entrance to this path. And, yes, I couldn’t.

But my motivation and lack of any fear or anxiety of high risks involved led me to a newer path that my eyes, hands, and legs created for themselves.

And I happily decided to start free-climbing the rockface right in front of me. No-slip and 20 meters later I reached the first plateau. Whoa!

I am sure insanity runs into my veins, or may I say it practically gallops!

While I was climbing, I thought I’d find the path from somewhere on the way up. Exactly, I found … nothing. Just another rockface at a distance of around a hundred meters. This time a little bit higher – maybe 60-80 meters. However, without a second of thinking of turning around, I continued climbing, again. And again. And … again.

These rocks and mesmerizing nature had me so spellbound that I literally lost my count of rockfaces I climbed that noon. My crazy town was turning crazier minute by minute. Let me be your best friend now and tell you the truth - the truth I was breathing in that moment standing somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I knew it was not just dangerous but “extremely dangerous route.”

Probably a couple of rockfaces later, I began wondering why I didn’t spot the original path even once and another couple of rockfaces later I knew why. Maybe I’m a good climber. Maybe a little bit daring as well. I was happy with a sense of achievement. Also, a little disappointed realizing, I don’t make that good a navigator.


From the summit here, however, I was able to see the right path of my planned hike far below. And my adrenaline rushed again, pushing me to rush the right way this time. I took a short break and started traversing the rockface until I reached a (in my opinion) good spot to climb down to presumably the right path.

The path to the right summit seemed so effortless as compared to the one I had just conquered, that I speed-ran it very comfortably. It was rather funny to look in the shocked, surprised, and embarrassed faces of the people I overtook on my way to the top. As I reached the summit I was exhausted (because I literally sprinted) and felt amazing too.

And, yet again, I realized all our dreams can come true only if we have the crazy courage to pursue them!

Oh yes, my dear fellow explorers, life indeed is a crazy yet beautiful roller-coaster.

Now I had the chance to overview which path I took and where I lost my track. Pretty nice detour though. I don’t regret I took the wrong route because sometimes the wrong ways turn out to be just the right ways. Am I crazy, or am I so sane that it just blew your mind?

The Summit you can see was the one I climbed first
After I enjoyed the gorgeous view enough through the new lens life gave me today, I began the descent – Speed running of course!
And hey, relax, we are all a little crazy. It’s not a competition. Is it? 😉

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